Etna red

Quality and freshness: the fullness and persistent taste of sicilian tradition.


“Happiness,en, like fine wine, should be savoured on sip at a time”.
Ludwig Fire Back

Olive grove

The roots are our secret.
Earthbound, facing the sky, and in harmony with nature.

Extra virgin olive oil

Passion plants the bests fruits.
A clear, full bodied and naturally genuine extra virgin olive oil.

Tenuta Papale
experts in sicilian traditions

Tenuta Papale is an agricultural company specialized in the production of wine, oil and artisinal delicacies.

From field to plate, Tenuta Papale products tell the authentic story of a prosperous, colorful land rich of flavors and intense fragrances.

Our estate

Inside Etna heart

Genuine and Natural Products

The wines

The oil

Our olive grove

An extent of colors and scents of Siciliy

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