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The Olio Extravergine di Oliva Tenuta Papale comes from the slopes of Etna. A Sicilian history of genuine taste characterized by a strong passion of our fields and attention for its fruits.

Oil is present daily on our tables, it’s the typical condiment of Mediterranean tradition, capable of making any dish special. From the most ancient times it’s known to be an ally to our organism thanks to is nutritional values both curative and cosmetic.

For all these reasons we closely follow the entire working process from washing the olives to the extraction of the oil. With professional attention to detail we ensure a product of excellence incomparable in quality taste and color.

This intense but highly digestive oil can enlighten your senses even when used on simple foods.


The olives are reverse in a hopper, from where through a conveyor belt arrive in a washing machine which provides for the elimination of any residue of soil, powder, leaves; the washing machine takes place exclusively with water.

After, arrive to the crusher where begins the phase of milling.


The olives are crushed by a hammer crusher at low rpm to preserve aromas and flavors.


It takes place in containers with hermetic closure, to avoid excessive presence of oxygen, which causes oxidation of the oil.
Also the temperature, equal to 26 °C, it is constant and controlled by temperature sensors.
This favors the union of the small drops of oil in drops ever larger, for these to separate more easily from the solid part, in the following phase.

It is eliminated the possible content of water in the oil.

Here, due to centrifugal force, it is the cleavage of water – oil and pomace due to the different specific weight of the different components.


Acidity: 0,5%
Number of peroxides: 7 meq
Spectrophotometric investigation in the U.V.: K 232: 1,773 E; K 268: 0,160 E; Delta K: 0,0012 E